Book Reviews

To hold Silent Smile in your hand gives one a sensual pleasure: The colour, the weight, the illustrations, and the topics are rich and stimulating. Relevant and written for these troubled times, Mirjam believes the words and concepts contained within the book have been transmitted to her from The Divine. While this may to many seem a little far-fetched, as the pages unfold and the words of wisdom, love, and guidance become all-encompassing, answering so many of the questions relevant in today’s society, the understanding is born that perhaps the words are directly from the Divine.
It has long been forecast, in all religions, that there will come a time when “God’ will once again return to earth, bringing with him pure love; or in modern parlance, a way forward that is free of all the many ills which plague society and have done since words were written and history recorded. As the topics unfold it rapidly becomes apparent that this time is, believe it or not, now; that the Divine already walk amongst us, offering a way forward filled with love, inner peace, and happiness. The issue seems to be that we, as a complex society, are having trouble coming to terms with this concept, which in the words of John Lennon sum up the message nicely: ‘All we need is love!’ words which were and still are prophetic.
How to find this love within is the message delivered; essentially how to find or rather rediscover the well of wisdom within us all, the wisdom that we carried at birth and will carry until death.
Topics discussed include Love, Self Love, Worry, Fear, Soul Purpose, Light Versus Darkness, and just about every other aspect of curiosity relating to the human form, frequently discussed at great length on talk back, self-improvement, consciousness websites, and many more platforms beloved of the modern audience. Silent Smile holds all the answers, presenting often hard truth with compassion, understanding and importantly non-judgemental dialogue.
That love will conquer all of the issues ahead of us is the main message offered. To be able to do this we need to still our hearts, and with the help of nature, listening to the still, small voice we all carry within, and the help of the Divine Ones, find true inner peace and happiness.
Mirjam relays to us many ways that we can commence this process, beginning with ourselves. To realise our full potential, we must be physically strong, pure, and develop our spirituality. Each chapter has advice on how to achieve this and to address one’s connectedness.
Silent Smile has been referred to by Credo Mutwa, Indigenous Elder of South Africa, as a ‘Holy book which will resurrect the human spirit in times when uncertainty and chaos, war, hunger, and cataclysm are threatening the world.’
He is totally correct.
Review by: Jan Mawdesley