calls for an 


A fundamental shift from our mind to our heart


It's essential message can be captured in three words




Provides us with profound solutions for the pressing problems of our time
Guides us to find our true nature and with it inner peace and happiness
Invites us to discover our inner well of wisdom living in the stillness of our heart
Teaches us the essence of the ancient spiritual traditions in layman's terms
Offers us an effective spiritual practice integrated into our daily lives


Humanity finds itself at crossroads and faces existential threats and challenges like never before.
The urgency to act and change our ways is more than apparent.

It is the call



Yet, we rarely identify the root cause of the disastrous circumstances of our world - namely ourselves. The outer condition of our planet can be seen as a direct reflection of our personal and collective inner disharmony and unhealed pain. 

Therefore, any change for a better world has to begin from within

Unhealed people cannot heal the world


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The Return - Peace


Discover the unusual story of SILENT SMILE


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The Mother of Compassion - Love


SILENT SMILE is truely alive and changing lives




"This book is a holy book that will resurrect the human spirit in times when uncertainty, chaos, war, hunger and cataclysm are threatening the world. SILENT SMILE is needed to light the way of humanity."
Credo Mutwa - Author and Indigenous Wisdom Keeper and Elder of The Zulu people
 South Africa
"I have been a spiritual adventurer for 5 decades and while I’ve consumed many enlightened writings over the years, Silent Smile by Mirjam Temba, is a foundational work for evolving our ability to heal ourselves, our children and our world at this critical juncture in human history. In the same vein as Seat of the Soul, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and the Disappearance of the Universe, you will be delighted to open this book to any page for deeper understanding, peace and inspiration. And the writings are only a part of what Mirjam brings alive with her accompanying artwork and poetry."

Lori Leyden, MBA, PhD - Spiritual Guide, International Trauma Healing Expert, Author, Creator of The Grace Process® and Founder of Create Global Healing

"Mirjam is a rare and gifted soul whose devotion to humanity is apparent in the care she takes to address so many topics vital to our spiritual journey. She has a mystical side that gives her perspective beyond normal human reference points, and her understanding of soul psychology is clearly the result of having journeyed very deep into life's mysteries. This book is full of wisdom, practical knowledge, and mystical insight. Highly recommend for spiritual seekers and those seeking to grow and become greater love."
Michael L. White - Author and Spiritual Teacher
My friend Mirjam is a creative artist and writer and her book SILENT SMILE is an artwork of words and spiritual teachings. It is beautifully flowing, fills us with optimism and is enriching our soul. May her vision as expressed here, inspire us and help us to balance and heal ourselves and make this world a better place."
Khandro Thrinlay Chodon Rinpoche
India / Australia
"SILENT SMILE is a Master Manual for living, a reminder of our true origin and destiny while travelling through this world of relative illusion. It can help us to keep our hearts anchored in the reality of love rather than fear, hope rather than despair, truth rather than chaos. This book provides a compass and a map which help us to recover what is most real. 
Ultimately, the Master Manual is written within our own hearts. But there are times, when we cannot see clearly enough and our hearts become clouded, when we need to be reminded and supported, when we need to see the big picture. In times like this, SILENT SMILE serves us to trust again, surrender to the mysteries of life and gently open our hearts to freedom and love." 
Kiara Windrider, Author and Spiritual Teacher 
"The book SILENT SMILE gifts us with a school of wisdom for the heart. I recommend it to be a constant companion for our daily life. Perhaps, it is not about that we read through this book in one hit and then hope to fully understand it’s teachings. Maybe, it is more useful to take it again and again into our hands and thoroughly study it and allow it’s wisdom to slowly reveal itself. It is almost as if we meet a wise friend with whom we have a deep inner growth oriented dialogue.

Mirjam is a true spiritual master. I really don’t know anyone who walks their path with such surrender, determination, clarity and humbleness, as she does. At the same time, Mirjam understands life with all it’s detours as a never ending eternal journey with deep learning lessons everywhere along the way. With this book she takes us on her path and thus contributes in an immeasurable manner to the peace within us and the world. SILENT SMILE truly makes a difference!"

Martina Pestinger - Dr. rer. medic Dipl. Psych.
IF Weinheim Institut für systemisches Denken & Handeln 
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The Nameless One - Truth 


All paintings exhibited on this website are by Mirjam and are included in SILENT SMILE.

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